Beam Trajectory Visualization

Dear fluka users:

Is there any methods to examine the source settings, especially for the user-defined source. Can we visualize the particle trajectory in flair?

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Dear Honghu,

currently Flair only can visualize the beam direction set on the BEAMPOS card, but an user routine obviously overwrites this.

The effectiveness of showing particle track - especially when divergence sampling is used - is limited.
But there are two options you can consider to visualize your source:

  1. Simply use a fine enough USRBIN scoring around the beam position. If you are curious about the energy distribution sampled in your source routine. You can place a sphere around the source and use an USRBDX scoring.

  2. Use the USERDUMP card with at least scoring the Source with Complete selected, then plotting the available values (coordinates, directions of the primaries) in Flair.
    For more detail, please have a look at:


Dear David:
I have checked my source settings by using these methods you suggested.
Thanks for your help.
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