Beam visualization for isotopic source

Dear Experts,
I am using isotopic source for my simulation activities. To visualize the beam between the source and target, USRBIN and USRBDX cards were used with, BEAMPART. following error occurs;

       ERROR: Geometry Problem or empty plot at the specified location.
       Try to change the location or enlarge the plot.
       For USRBIN change either the 'Use:' to '-No-' or the 'Pos:'

Do we need to use collimator to visualize a isotopic source?

Beam visulalization.flair (2.6 KB)

Dear @nadeeraBUL2020,
Have you try to follow the suggestion included in the error message? I.e. to set “Use” to “-No” or to change the position of the plot?
Flair is complaining that at the location where you’re trying to make the plot, there is an “empty plot”. Your scoring is defined for :
This means the the scoring is over a single region, specifically the “AIR” region. Flair cannot superimpose a geometry on a plot where only one region is present. So either you do the plot where there are at least 2 regions or you give up on superimposing the geometry.
Additionally, you should notice that your target has z such as 0<z<5 while your scoring stops at z=-2.5 so doesn’t overlap the target.

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