BEAMPOS type FLOOD algorithm

Hello everyone!

I have a question concerning type FLOOD of BEAMPOS card. It says that this produce a uniform and isotropic fluence within the sphere. The value of the produced fluence will be 1/(pi R^2) cm-2. This is true and that was exactly what I needed. But can anyone share the algorithm of such implementation? How it was implemented in details. Maybe some papers discussing this algorithm. I have a few suggestions, but I’d like to know exactly how it was done here.


Hi @Ivan
you can find the implementation in the source code of geoviewer
there is a method called “sflood()”

it is a modified version from the one in the Third Monte Carlo Sampler

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Thank you! Will check it!

I made Python 3 functions with this algorithm to plot sources positions and vectors of particles. I need this for visualization purposes. Maybe someone need it as well, so I will leave it here (note that attached Python file need .py ending not .log).

P.S. And if some mistakes were done I will appreciate for pointing on that

Plot_sflood.log (3.6 KB)


Thank you Ivan, that could be helpful