Binary libraries for GNU/Linux on ARM

Dear FLUKA experts,

I have just registered and got approved to the binary libraries. When I was directed to the download page, I couldn’t find the ARM Linux distribution. There is a source distribution but I guess I’m not entitled to that so I didn’t try it.

May I ask you to provide an ARM binary in the future for hobbyists? I’m right now using NixOS on a Raspberry Pi cluster but that’s probably irrelevant. I can still use it now because I have an old MacBook Pro, but I’m still interested to see other options, especially the new Snapdragon Elite X chip looks very powerful.

Dear @zhichu

we currently provide the FLUKA binaries for Linux intel OS and for Mac ARM + Intel.
To provide for another architecture there should be a strong demand on it and we would need to heavily test it for the consistency of the results.