Body change after rotation

Dear FLUKA users,
I have a simple question.

I am trying to copy many bodies and then apply the “transform” in flair.


However, the RPP bodies are changed to BOX after rotation and transformation.
As it is recommended not to use the BOX in the geometry definition, I wondered if there is a way to prevent this body conversion.
Or is it fine to use the BOXes in my simulations?
I searched the forum but I did not find any similar question.

I appreciate your comments.

Dear Mahdi,

the use of the BOX bodies is discouraged as they can lead to numerical errors.

Instead of transforming bodies this way, you can use the run-time transformations in FLUKA. See:

This way the transformations remain editable.



Dear David,
Thank you so much for the comment.
Then may I know in which cases we’d better use the option “Transform” I showed in the previous snapshot?

Best regards.

Dear Mahdi,

it should be fine to use the Transform feature of Flair, when the resulting body is not deprecated (ARB, RAW, WED, or BOX) and you don’t plan to modify it further.


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