Body touching warning


I’m getting body touching warnings in my geometry. The bodies are nested so of course they will be ‘touching’ so are these warnings going to cause issues? I have used all the bodies in each region definition but the warning is still there.

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snre_simple_source1.flair (3.8 KB)
snre_simple_source1.inp (4.8 KB)

Hi @e.stewart17
touching bodies could sometimes cause issues (look the slides on the Geometry lecture of the beginners course). FLUKA has several protections for that, but typically issues can appear when combined with LATTICEs or when the bodies have large numerical coefficients.

The general recommendation is that if you can avoid them, please do.
check the fluka output if there is any geometry warnings, if not then ignore the messages.

You are encouraged to replace finite cylinders (RCC) sharing the same base with infinite cylinders (ZCC) cut by two planes (XYP).
This will make the Flair warnings disappear.