Bombard 186W with deuterium

Hello everyone,
I am trying to bombard 186W with deuterium to detect the production of 186Re. But the result is very different from the existing literature, which is basically wrong. Where is the problem? This is my file.
D-186W.inp (2.2 KB)
D-186W.flair (1.8 KB)

Dear Zhiyu Xu,

Indeed, this is a real issue. Thanks.

It turns out that the 186W(d,2n) channel is currently heavily underestimated by FLUKA. This can be explained by a slightly excessive Coulomb barrier in the model, preventing the stripped proton from penetrating the target nucleus.

This issue mainly concerns very low-energy deuterons on high-Z target nuclei (though not necessarily all reaction channels).

A solution is being worked on.