Bremsstrahlung generation by electrons

Hy everyone,

I want to see how much bremsstrahlung is generated in the Al exit flange when the electrons are getting out from the interaction chamber. In the real experiment, after the exit flange I have a scintillator screen from whose luminosity I can estimate the electron number. But on the scintillator screen I have also bremsstrahlung radiation created by the electrons interacting with the flange, so I want to know the photons yield. I’ve searched for materials and topics in the forum, I have tried everything I saw that worked for some people but I am still getting a file full of zeroes where my photon data should be :grinning:
Could anyone please tell me what am I doing wrong? I attach my flair and input file.
Many thanks in advance :hugs:
Simulari_E5_50MeV.flair (14.3 KB)
Simulari_E5_50MeV.inp (8.2 KB)

Hi Georgianna,

I have some similar issues, so I cannot help you. But I notice in your file the USRBDX card requires a minimum of 1 GeV (if you hover the mouse over Emin you see it). Your maximum is set to 0.2 which is less than the minimum accepted Emin.

Dear Georgiana,

I managed to run your input in order to obtain the PHOTON spectrum passing from WINDOW to DETECT region without changing anything (by using the latest release of the FLUKA code). Your second USRBDX card will produce an empty output because the two regions do not share any common surface.

What version of FLUKA are you using? If you are using an older version, I think it requires the introduction of an empty LOW-PWXS card. Did you get any error in this direction?

Please be cautious, as scoring PHOTONs will tally all photons regardless of their generation mechanism.

If you want to be sure that you are scoring only Bremsstrahlung, please take a look at this post:

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

All the best,

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Mihaela, thank you very much. I have the latest release of the FLUKA code, I’ve just verified this. I didn’t get any error about LOW-PWXS card.
Now that you are mentioning that all photons are scored, regardless of their generation, I think is better :slight_smile: for me, as all ot them can influence my scintillator. But I will also try what you posted, for scoring only Bremsstrahlung to.

For now I am still puzzled about by first USRBDX card. I still don’t get any photon spectrum plot.

Dear Georgiana,

your input has geometry errors. The WINDOW and DETECT regions are overlapping with OUTSIDE. After fixing the issue, I also get a photon spectrum with the USRBDX scoring.