Calculating dose rate after an interval with semi analogous mode for isotopes

Dear FLUKA experts,
I created a isotope source with BEAM card and with RADDECAY card at semi analogous mode. I can get DOSE-EQ with USRBIN card to calculate dose rates. Im getting results closer to theoretical results I have. How do I update my code to get dose rate after a certain time interval like dose rate after a day or 2?
And my second question is am I getting the dose rate at the beginning now?
Here is my code:
In_111.flair (3.1 KB)
In_111.inp (3.0 KB)

Dear Lakshita,

the semi-analogue mode of FLUKA will give you time-independent results (results are normalized to primary decay).
The real activity of the source is not included in the simulation, so you need to normalize the results manually. So to get the results at a different time, you need to calculate the activity if the source yourself and use that for normalization.


You mean I have to manually using A=A0 e ^ (- λ t ) or is there a way to get the activity after a day using FLUKA?

Dear Lakshitha,

yes, you need to calculate manually. There is no option in FLUKA to have time-dependent calculations in semi-alaogue mode.


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Dear David,

What about the TIME-CUT card, can I use it to get the dose rate after a day?


Dear Lakshitha,

No. The TIME-CUT card can only stop the particle transport after the given time.


Ok, thank you, dear David.