Calculating eletron energy leakage rate using USRBDX card


I am trying to optimize x-ray target thickness for 9 MeV electron beam. I want to score electron energy leakage from target by varying the target thickness. I have attached my flair file here. There are three regions for scoring, one before the target, the second one is target itself and the third is region after target. I am trying to calculate electron entering into target from one side and then electrons leaving the target from other side to know about leakage. Am I doing it the right way? As I am getting results for electrons leaving the target but not for entering into target.
Kindly explain it to me.
Thanks a lot.
Target_EL.flair (3.9 KB)

Hello @anum.asif,

Quickly checking your attached Flair file I notice two things:

  • I believe in your BEAM card you define a 0 GeV/c momentum electron beam instead of 9 MeV kinetic energy. The value will be overwritten to the 200 GeV/c default.
  • For this reason you also don’t see any results at your first boundary USRBDX scoring: Since you defined as going up to a maximum energy of 9 MeV of course it will be far out of range. Using your defined settings, you will however get some secondary particles which is what you get from the exiting boundary USRBDX.

Do you get expected results when you make these changes?

Best regards, hope this helps,