Calculation of bremsstrahlung photons number

Hi! I want to calculate the number of bremsstrahlung photons with energies for instance from 10MeV to 12MeV, which falls on some target. Can someone show some input file example of such problem ?

Hallo, you did not indicate what is your primary source. One option would be to use the USRBDX card on the target region boundary, which however includes any photon, not only bremsstrahlung ones. But, depending on your primary source and setup, the 10-12 MeV photons you will find this way may not be of another kind. Otherwise, the USDRAW entry of the mgdraw user routine offers more flexibility, allowing to identify bremsstrahlung photons as they are produced, at the price of your own coding and analysis.

My primary source is electron’s linear accelerator

I suggest you go with USRBDX