Can fluka only carry out photon transport?

Can fluka only carry out photon transport, without other transport, to improve the calculation speed?
What card should I use?

Hello @mayuhua-ustc,

This can be possible by setting the transport thresholds of all other particles to a high value (you are using photons as primary particle as well?), making sure that in case other particles are created, the energy is dumped on the spot and no transport takes place. Note however that this approach can yield non-physical results since you are neglecting many processes possibly taking place.

  • You could start from specifying with the DEFAULTS card the EM-CASCAde as SDUM. This will already restrict your simulation problem to the EM sector.

  • In addition, you can use the EMFCUT card to set a high enough energy threshold for all electrons and positrons.

  • In case you start from other simulation defaults, have a look at the PART-THRes card to inhibit transport for hadrons, muons and neutrinos. All of these considerations will of course depend on the energy of the primary particles you want to simulate.

Again, take note that this kind of calculation time optimization could cause your results to be completely non-physical.

Hope this helps,