Can hi-prope and usrbdx be used at the same time?

Hello everyone,
I learned a lot with @msacrist 's help in determining a material’s mass attenuation coefficient. I express my gratitude to him.
Now, I want to determine the mass attenuation coefficients in the gamma energies emitted by different point sources using the Hi-prope card. But my USRBDX results are showing zero. May I know the reason for this?

Here is my inp file;
mu (1).flair (3.0 KB)

In the file you uploaded there is no HI-PROPE card, and the respective USRBDX results are not zero.

I’m very sorry, I uploaded the wrong file.
mu (1) (1).flair (4.1 KB)

Your DCYSCORE card is incomplete (it does not apply to the intended USRBDX detectors).

P.S.: You may want to avoid spaces and parentheses in the file name.

I changed the file name as you said. Thank you for the warning.
In the DCYSCORE card, I selected USRBDX as Kind, but what should be Det, to Det?

mu.inp (3.4 KB)

From in (appearing first in your input) to out (following the previous), as you called them.
Moreover, you miss the RADDECAY card (see Note 8 of the BEAM card), and in this case photons are not BEAMPART, so they cannot be scored as such.