Can the information be obtained that which physical model or which cross section was used in a simulation?

The simulation of alpha bombing O-18 was done by Phits329、Mcnp6 and Fluka4.3.1.
in Phits and Mcnp, the special cross section information can be obtain from the running file:
for Phits, the key information is:

** tables from file = <<< CP2011/alpha/alpha_18O
8018.00a 78347
Alpha 18O x reaction
mat 831 03/26/23

for Mcnp, it is:

1cross-section tables print table 100

 table    length

                    tables from file llh\alpha_18o                                                   

8018.00a 78347 Alpha 18O x reaction mat 831 03/26/23
Energy range: 2.00000E-01 to 2.00000E+02 MeV.

warning. alpha minimum energy = 1.00000E-03 is below table 8018.00a

total 78347

for Fluka, can the related information be obtained?

by the way, the related information can be obtained from Geant4,
here is the key information:

NeutronHP: 2/Alpha/Inelastic file for Z = 8, A = 18 is not found and
NeutronHP will use /usr/local/Geant4_10.7/data/G4TENDL1.3.2/Alpha/Inelastic/CrossSection/8_17_Oxygen


FLUKA does not read any specific input data table for alpha + 18O (and any other reaction, but low energy neutron ones and some other exceptions, like photonuclear reactions), rather calculates runtime the reaction cross section, which can be found - for the beam energy - in the material table of the output file, in the macroscopic form of inelastic scattering length.
As for the model determining the reaction channel, in this case it’s BME, below 500 MeV.

@ Francesco Cerutti, thanks!