Cannot extract .tgz file

I downloaded “fluka-4-0.0.Linux-gfor7.tgz” to my Ubuntu terminal and gave the command

tar -xvf fluka-4-0.0.Linux-gfor7.tgz

and it failed with the following message:

tar: fluka-4.0.0Linux-gfor7.tgz: Cannot open: Permission denied
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

Try adding the term sudo to your command, i.e. sudo tar -xvf fluka-4-0.0.Linux-gfor7.tgz. This will give you the access required (just type your password after) and I believe there should be no other issue so long as you are an admin level user on the computer.

Dear Walter,

are you trying to extract the .tgz package in your home directory, or somewhere else?


Do the manual extraction by right click and extract then cd to extract folder and use make to install.