Cannot open flair file

Dear expert,
Thank you for your answer.
I can’t open your file normally. Could you send a screenshot of the input information?
In addition, my running problem is that when I click START in RUN, the running ends immediately, showing FINISHED OK, but there is no running result. What is the reason?

Dear Junjie,

the Flair project file uploaded by @vasilis , is only compatible with Flair 3. It is available at

The probably cause of your Run issue was already mentioned in the other thread:


Dear @Junjie_Zhang,
Very likely, the reason why you cannot open the flair file is that you are using flair2 which is an old version of flair. You should move to flair3 which is distributed at which is distributed by CERN and is compatible with the Fluka version developed and distributed by CERN.