Cant calculate DOSE_EQ with Technetium Isotope

Dear FLUKA experts,
I created a isotope source with BEAM card and with RADDECAY card at semi analogous mode to calculate dose rate using NaI detector. Im getting good results except for Technetium-99m in the USRBIN DOSE-EQ mode. Im detecting 0.0E0 for Technetium. Any Idea how to fix that? Here is my code for Sm_153. How should I change the code for Technetium 99 accordingly? (changing HI-PROPE only doesnt seem to work for technetium but it worked for other radioactive isotopes such as I-123 I-131 In-111 etc.)
Sm_153.flair (3.1 KB)
Sm_153.inp (3.0 KB)

Dear Lakshitha,

I have no issue getting results for Technetium-99m with your input.
Please make sure you use -1 as the isomer number according to the manual:


Dear David,
now it works! Thank you very much!