Can't define water material in USRYIELD for LET scoring

Hello everyone!

I am trying to define USRYIELD scoring for all particles, choosing LET of particle as a first quantity and angle in degrees for the second. For LET scoring I need to define material as well, but, I can’t set this from Flair, every time I am trying to choose WATER material nothing happens (see pic). I can choose OXYGEN or other, but not water and even if I choose something else I get the same spectrum every time, what’s the problem? And the second question is: if I define USRYIELD scoring like this in the output I will get yield in (1/dLET dOmega) value? And units will be expressed in 1/(keV/um sr primary)? So, to get the total number of particles by primary with certain LET bin I need to multiply the values by 2pi (bin size of LET is equal to one)? Please see input, flair, and fortran files attached. There also should be Spectrum.22 with 2 lines in that:

0 0 1
56 56 1

for ion energy sampling (mono energy).

GCR_Moderator.flair (5.2 KB) GCR_Moderator.inp (3.5 KB) GCR_MB_FULL.f (8.2 KB)

flair doesn’t let you chose WATER since is not defined anywhere in the input. Despite being a pre-defined material for fluka. fluka will not initialize it (so you cannot use) if you have not assigned it anywhere.

You can make a small region, e.g. inside the blackhole a tiny sphere and assign it to WATER, then flair will let you use it in the USRYIELD

Hmm… Okay, a bit tricky… But why I can still choose materials which is also not defined anywhere in my input (like OXYGEN)? And in this case I get the same spectrum as if leave this place empty (HYDROGEN choose).

Indeed flair will let you choose the first 25 pre-defined materials, but not the pre-defined compounds. They will get indices/initialized in fluka only once they are assigned to regions.