Can't download fluka latest version

Hi I want to download the latest version of FLUKA, but when I press to gfortran 9, 64 bits (.deb) button it goes to page with 401 - Unauthorized error with next message

“There was an error loading the page you requested: — Access is denied due to invalid credentials. You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied.”

Before downloading I of course have logged in. What is the problem ?

Dear Sergey,

you may need to reset your password on the login page. To do so, you may need to delete the cookies related to CERN in your browser, or use a private / incognito window.


I try both ways but nothing changes

Dear Sergey,

As already written to you privately, it can take up to one day until the user database is synchronized and you can download FLUKA with your new email address.

Kind regards,