Can't download FLUKA

I want to download FLUKA and FLAIR latest versions. In FLUKA site on downloading page there said that

Message for Lightweight account holders: CERN changed the SSO authentication interface. When downloading FLUKA, CERN lightweight account holders first need to click on “Guest access” on the bottom right and then enter their email and password on the new page. In case access is denied, we kindly ask you to reset your CERN Lightweight password. See also: instructions for Lightweight account holders

User registration is mandatory for downloading FLUKA. Please read the licence conditions and follow these instructions. Registered users can download the packages below (login with your CERN Lightweight account or your regular CERN account).

Previous FLUKA user ids (so-called FUIDs) do not grant access to the FLUKA packages on this website, but a new registration is required.

Once your registration is complete and you received the final confirmation email, it might still take a couple of hours until the registration database is synchronized and you can download the files.

When I click on downloading button of FLUKA there appears page, where there are written

401 - Unauthorized

There was an error loading the page you requested: Sign in to CERN — Access is denied due to invalid credentials. You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied.

What’s the problem and what should I do ?

Handled through direct message :+1: