Can't use "load" command in gnuplot

Hi! I try to use “load” command in gnuplot terminal, but there arise the next messegae "Cannot open script file ‘cycle’ ". My cycle file extension is .plt. Tell please what is the problem ?

Dear @sergey.a ,

is this happening inside Flair, or are you trying to plot FLUKA results directly with gnuplot?


No I’m just working inside terminal using simple .plt file. Here I changed the extensions of files because it’s impossible to upload here files with .plt format.

cycle.txt (53 Bytes)
plotter.txt (80 Bytes)

Dear @sergey.a,

unfortunately I’m not well-versed with general Gnuplot usage.

Since your problem is not related to FLUKA and Flair, I would suggest to look for help on Gnuplot related forums / mailing lists, or maybe on


Dear Sergey,

See the attached files. Being mindful of spaces and filename extensions does the trick, at least in a somewhat old gnuplot 5.0 patchlevel 6:

plotter.txt (85 Bytes)
cycle.txt (60 Bytes)

For any further issue you’ll have indeed to steer to gnuplot-dedicated forums / lists, as David suggested.