Carbon Pdd scoring

Dear Fluka experts
carbonbeam.inp (1.9 KB)

As a beginner of FLUKA,I am trying to plot carbon pdd curve.So i put USRBIN scoring volume in water box phantom and shoot 400MeV/u carbon beam in water box.The physics model is Hadrotherapy.The output result as picture one shows,peak-entrance ratio is 6 whcih is too high compared with reference value 3.2.

pdf.pdf (192.1 KB)

 Would you mind help me find the problem in my inp file?Thank you so much for your kind help.

Hi Richard,
the pbm is not in the input file itself, rather the fact that you used by default the standard fluka executable, which does not include the RQMD event generator performing ion nuclear interactions in the intermediate energy range. In the Exe field of the Flair Run Runs tab, you should select flukadpm. This way the Bragg peak height will reflect the loss of primary ions due to the aforementioned nuclear interactions, which were not performed in your simulation (where only the ion nuclear interactions below 150 MeV/n, handled by the BME event generator already embedded in the default fluka executable, were performed).

Dear ceruttif
Thank you so much for your kind help,The output now same as i expected.
Appreciate your help again.
Best wishes