Cartesian coordinates of output results in usrbin card

Dear experts,

I used usrbin card to get energy deposition file in ASCII format, which contains 4 * 4 * 4 (XYZ) bins, as shown in the figure.

But I want to know how the data is arranged in order, which bin does it start with and ends with?


Hi @nostaaal,

the data order is succinctly explained in the header line Data follow in a matrix...

More explicitly, in the ASCII file there are two blocks for each USRBIN:

  • the first one reports the values of the scored quantity S(i,j,k) in each bin
  • the second one reports the respective statistical uncertainty.

Each block is formatted in 10 columns, to be read row after row (a single
column has no specific meaning).
To properly interpret it, you have to consider that matrix S(i,j,k) has normally 3 indices (referring to x,y,z or r,phi,z, depending on your scoring choice).
In the sequence of matrix elements, the first index i runs first over its interval, then the
second j, finally the third k.
So the list is S(1,1,1), S(2,1,1), …, S(N1,1,1), S(1,2,1) …, S(N1, N2, N3) where

  • N1 is the number of x/r bins
  • N2 is the number of y/phi bins
  • N3 is the number of z bins.
    N1, N2, N3 are also reported in the file header.

Hope this could help.
Cheers Luigi