Change the number of channels in DETECT card

Hello everyone.

Is it possible to change the number of channels in the DETECT card to a variable smaller than 1024 which is the default number?
I tried changing it from the Flair window card but no luck as it keeps going automatically to 1024.
I tried changing it from by opening the edit card and modifying the SDUM1 but again no luck.

Maybe I am just doing something wrong as I saw here some other posts and explanation but somehow for me that solution did not work because after running the input I can see that it still divided the energy into 1024 channels.

I have attached here the input and flair project if needed.

ifelseifdetect.inp (49.5 KB)
ifelseifdetect.flair (38.9 KB)

Thank you all in advance for your help and sorry that you have to explain this again.

Best regards,

Dear Irina,

it is not possible to set a channel number less than 1024.

If you need fewer channels, you could set a number that can be divided by the desired number. Then after the simulation, you can manually sum up the neighboring channels.


Dear Dávid.

I understand, thank you for your quick reply!

Best regards,