Changing damage factors

Hello experts,

I want to change the damage factors used in the Si1MeVne scoring. I suppose the factors used, e.g. for pions are given in fluka4-3.0/data/sidapi.dat.

My idea link my own sidapi.dat file to my executable so that this file is called when Si1MeVne scoring is selected - is this a proper way of doing it?

If so, can I exchange the files sidapi.dat, sidap.dat, etc. with my own files that have a different energy range? Or are these limits hard-coded somewhere in the code where this would need to be changed first?

I tried to find the spot in the code where these files are called but could not find it.


Found it myself in /src/score/sidain.f

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Hi Michael,
indeed the coefficients are loaded in the sidain.f
Just be aware that the size of the data (NSIDMN) is hardcoded in the routine (Not the energy limits)