Characteristic emission titanium - transport problem


I’m trying to simulate a source with the two peaks of energy from the characteristic emission of titanium. The energies are 4.51 keV and 4.93 keV. I simplified the problem just to verify if it’s worth simulating, so I used two photon sources with one of the energies each, and I weighted them. However, when I tried to simulate the transport of the photons, they didn’t pass through the materials.

titanio_prueba.inp (6.7 KB)

You lowered the transport cutoff for photons from the (PRECISIOn) default value of 33 keV to 1 keV only in the second and third geometry region.
The EMFCUT card (as several others) reads:
From region NAME1 to region NAME2
where the respective names correspond to the region index determined by your input order (VOID is region #2 and VOID1 is region #3, so you are excluding all following regions - you should replace VOID1 with Fantoma, or better @LASTREG).