Colliding Beams

Dear FLUKA experts,

I want to collide two different particle beams, then measure total number of reactions and energy of beams after the encounter. Can I simulate this with FLUKA? If so, how can I define these beams?

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Yes, you can simulate beam-beam collisions by means of the SPECSOUR card and analyze the resulting collision products by means of the USRYIELD card. But note that this does not give an estimate of the reaction probability, since by construction every simulated event represents one reaction (nuclear inelastic, or electromagnetic dissociation [for interacting ions], or nuclear elastic [not for ions] reaction), to be normalized offline by the respective known cross section (e.g., about 80 mb for 13-14 TeV CM p-p inelastic collisions). Moreover, after the reactive encounter, strictly speaking for the above reason you have no longer any beam, rather collision products (that only in the special case of nuclear elastic reactions [in fact limited to p-p] can be assimilated to the original beam).

Hi Francesco,

Thank you for your reply.