Command line data processing


To those who run large scale simulations in clusters with hundreds of nodes, I would like to recommend the command line data processing feature in FLAIR 3.1.5, which is very convenient when you have thousands of data files to process. In FLAIR-3.1.5, this is;

flair --data dummyinp dummyflair

where dummyinp is a run (dummyinp_01.inp, dummyinp_02.inp … etc.) that results in those large number of data files (dummyinp_01xxx_fort.yy). The dummyinp is a run inside a flair file named dummyflair.flair.

Several patterns for the file names are accepted such as comma separated and wild cards (try flair --help) which extends its reach. This saves many of us from the trouble of writing ad hoc scripts.

Many thanks to Vasilis (@vasilis) for this cool feature and for the explanations.

Cheers, Sunil