Compile FLUKA-4.3.0 on ARM

Dear Fluka experts
I am trying to compile FLUKA-4.3.0 on AARCH64 (ARM) architecture, but I have encountered some problems recently. I’m using the ‘source code.tgz’ package, but there are lots of alarms “undefined reference…” during compilation. For example, “s12cpw \ s3Hepw \ s4hepw” in function “nizlnW_”, “c12cpw\ c4hepw \ cs2hpw” in function “nucrel_”, etc as fig1 shows.

Figure1 compile on arm
Then, I used this package to compile on X86 and had a similar problem as fig2 shows.

Figure2 compile on X86
These don’t seem to be problems with the underlying ARM architecture, but more like a lack of libraries or dependencies? Do you know anything about this problem?
Thank you in advance. looking forward for your kind reply.

Dear Yaosong,

Thanks for your message.
Did you install the source fluka-4-3.0.src.tgz from Download latest FLUKA release | The official CERN FLUKA website
and followed the instructions at Installing FLUKA on GNU/Linux or macOS (.tgz packages) | The official CERN FLUKA website ?