Computing the products from a Ra226 target bombarded with photons

Hello everyone,

I am attempting to computing the products from a Ra226 target bombarded with 11 MeV photons, I set up a Ra226 material card, like this, but the program didn’t work.

Any explanation for this would be greatly appreciated.


Dear @lijuanhe,

What does it mean “the program didn’t work”?
Did you encounter any error?
Also, to get help, you should always share your input file, like the .flair file.

Dear @amario ,

I’m sorry for not expressing clearly. The input file like this.
W-4.flair (2.9 KB)
It reports an error:
" *** Nonsense LOW-MAT card assigning to the Fluka material 26 (RADIUM ) a low ***
*** energy neutron set with undefined Z 0 and name ***
*** execution terminated ***"

Thanks a lot,

Dear @lijuanhe,

The error is due to the fact that there no neutron cross sections available for Radium in the group-wise neutron approach.
You need to update to the newest Fluka version to use the point-wise approach and solve the problem.
You also need to update your Flair version which is quite old.

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