Consulting for carbon fluence

Dear Fluka experts,
I’ve been trying to score the fluence at different depths for a carbon beam using USRBDX, since it would be interesting to see the fluence of secondary particles too I thought that instead of using BEAMPART, I could use ALL-PART and then separate the fluences using AUXSCORE. But I got no fluence scored at the surface and the scored fluences at 1cm and 2cm seem kinda weird

I used the same method for a proton beam protons to test if it works (In this case would be scoring fluence for all particles and select Z=1 A=1 in the auxscore card). And it seems to work better in this case. So I’m not sure what’s the problem.

Thank you in advance for you time and patience.

scoringcarbon.flair (2.7 KB)
scoringcarbon.inp (2.0 KB)

Hello @havidela ,

I think there are two issues in the input you shared:

  • You gave all your USRBDX scoring cards the same name in the SDUM, here “ob1”. Hence also the AUXSCORE pointing to the right USRBDX card will not work. Make sure to differentiate using a unique detector identifier.
  • The energy range you set in the USRBDX cards are not large enough. When you define a HEAVYION beam in the BEAM card as you did, the beam energy will be the kinetic energy per nuclear mass unit. Hence the primary beam will have a total kinetic energy of a bit less than 2 GeV so you should change your USRBDX scored energy range accordingly.

Hope this helps, let us know if it still doesn’t work,


indeed the problem was the energy range I used for USRBDX.

Thanks a lot for your reply.