Converting usrbin to rtdose issue

Dear FLUKA Experts,

I am experiencing an issue while attempting to convert usrbin outputs to rtdose using the script in FLAIR. In the recent past, I was able to generate the *.dcm file by adding the command in FLAIR without any issues. However, now when I try to execute the same command, be it through FLAIR or directly from the terminal, I am facing the following error:

- Processing: brain_99.dcm
Cmd: /home/project/fluka/ --output brain_99.dcm --usrbin brain_99.bnn --det 1

e> ERROR: executing command /home/project/fluka/ --output brain_99.dcm --usrbin brain_99.bnn --det 1
Error processing: brain_99.dcm
Ended: 2023.09.08 11:32:37

I am currently using a Linux system with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS installed, the latest version of FLAIR (3.2-4.5), and Python 3.8.10 is set to be the default version.
Despite researching and trying various solutions mentioned in related topics, I have been unable to resolve the issue. I wanted to reach out to you in the hope that you might be able to provide some assistance or guidance.

Dear @abdalmalki
there might be a problem with the brain_99.bnn file. Could you please send it to check

sure, here the USRBIN binary file:


Hi @abdalmalki
flair wrongly though the is located under the fluka directory (and not in flair installation directory) so it cannot find the command.
While waiting for the fix with the new flair release you can give the do the conversion from the command line manually as:

/flair-path/ --output brain_99.dcm --usrbin brain_99.bnn --det 1

it worked, waiting for the new fixed version.
Thank you