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Dear all,

I have a question concerning how to best copy plots information from one Flair file to another.

Here a short description of what I was trying to do and what problems occurred. I have run two simulations with similar input (Input1.inp, Input2.inp). For one (Input1.inp) I have created a Flair file (Flair1.flair) with several defined plots. For the second input (Input2.inp) I have created another Flair file (Flair2.flair) without any plots. I have then opened both flair files with a text editor and copied-pasted the “Plots information” section from Flair1.flair to Flair2.flair. In Flair2.flair I then replaced the old input name (Input1) with the new one (Input2) to for example load the correct bnn files. When I then opened the Flair2.flair and edited something, I got the warning message "Project file Flair2.flair has changed since editing started. Reload new version", which when I said “yes” just canceled the changes. To prevent this I had to click many times “no” and then it was fine. It has probably to do with the checksum in the Flair file, and I would like to know whether there is a way to do it without running into this problem.

I was using the Flair version 3.0-5.

Many thanks in advance for your help!
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Dear Claudia,

did you try copying from one Flair window to another with Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V?


Dear David,

Many thanks for your proposal! I have just tried to do so, by opening Flair, loading the Input2.inp, saving as Flair2.flair and then doing copy-paste of the plot itself from one Flair window to the other. The copying worked, however when I have tried to change the detector (load the bnn file), the plot disappeared in the plot list and I got several error messages in my terminal window (see attachment).

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Thank @ahdida for your bug report
the bug is fixed, it will available with the next release

@vasilis Many thanks! Best regards, Claudia