Cosmic Ray and Space Radiation

I am beginner in this domain.
This is regarding the given example for “GCR” (See: /usr/local/fluka/examples) “AllparticleExample”.
Since the discussion on this inputs and corresponding topic in the User-manual is brief, I am not able to understand this input in depth.
I got few doubts in it

  1. The input seems that, the incident beam is 30000 GeV Proton pencil beam. Then using “SPECSOUR” we have selected “Type: GCR-IONF” and “WHATS (1) = 28”. That means I will get proton as well as all ions upto z = 28 ?
  2. When Incident beam is 30000 GeV proton pencil beam, how these ions are generated ? Or this ions spectra are embaded in Fluka data base?
  3. In the beam card, instead of proton pencil beam, if we give beam-radius = 5 cm, whether these Ion spectra (upto z = 28) will be changed ?

It will be very much helpful, if someone can provide any document related to these query.

Thanking you in advance.

Dear ArghyaC,

if a source with SPECSOUR is defined, then the beam described on the BEAM card is disregarded with one exception. The beam momentum / energy value will be used to initialize dp/dx (momentum loss) tabulations, and it should be equal or greater than the maximum energy of the special source.

You can find more information about the spectrums in this lecture on slide 22: