Cosmic Ray Simulation

I am unable to run the All particle cosmic ray input file, which has been copied from the example directory of FLUKA. The input file and the *.out file has been attached for reference. It seems that it is not able to identify the BEAM card. Unfortunately, I am not able to find any error in the input file.
gcrexampleAllParticle001.out (4.3 KB)
gcrexampleAllParticle.inp (4.0 KB)
gcrexampleAllParticle.flair (32.1 KB)

Dear Sujoy,

I was not able to reproduce the error, but I noticed that your input file is different from the example available in the FLUKA directory. Please try running with that, and if the problem still happening, please let us know.


Dear @horvathd , thank you for your reply. This time I have again tried to copy the whole directory of cosmic ray simulation example and after changing the permissions, I could successfully run the input file.
With regards,