Cosmic rays simulations

Dear Experts,
I want to calculate galactic cosmic ray fluence and dose equivalent due to different particles for a certain altitude latitude and solar activity. As the manual is quite brief, I am not able to construct proper geometry with inputs like longitude, latitude, layers of air, and densities. The input card of the geomagnetic field is also not clear to me. Can anybody please help me with any sample input or related guiding articles.

Dear Sandipan,

we are very sorry for the delayed answer.

It is quite difficult to tell, what is your issue without more detail, so maybe some part (or all) of my answer will be trivial for you.

  1. First of all, we just noticed, that there was a bug during the preparation of the .deb and .rpm packages, which caused the files related to the comic rays to be missing. The .tgz packages are fine. So first please install FLUKA using that.

  2. I’m not sure if you aware, but if you open the manual at the section 16: , at the bottom of the page, you find the link Next >, which will load other relevant pages.

  3. Section 16.8 contains an example for an input file, but you can find an example in you FLUKA directory as well: <path_to_FLUKA>/examples/gcr/AllParticleExample

If this still doesn’t help you set up your cosmic ray simulation, please let us know.


Dear @sandipan,

In addition to @horvathd comment, you can use the atmloc routine, provided with the distribution in the /bin folder, to create your own geometry for a given latitude/longitude.
When running the routine, the code will ask you for input parameters such as latitude, longitude, geomagnetic cut-off: that will depend from your specific case.
The routine will create a .geo, .cards and .sur file, which you can use as described in the manual. Particularly, the .sur file contains the normalization factors for the different layers of these user-geometries.

Hope it can helps.