Crash while adding norm

Dear FLUKA experts,

I’ve encountered a weird behaviour.
When I added a layer in the geometry to show some results I got from Usrbin, and I tried to add norm, it crashes and I get the error “Segmentation fault (core dumped)”.
When I tried to reproduce the crashing, I discovered it happens when I write “e-3” in the norm section.

e-1 or e-2 is ok, but e-3, e-4 or e-5 causes a crash (I guess anything below the value e-3 will cause it but I didn’t check)

I wasn’t sure where to write it, I hope this is the right category.

Thank you @Yael.Fried for reporting.
We will try to protect it.
Most probably the crash was it evaluated the “e-3” as “-3” and then the log() conversion failed