CT-Voxel Simulation based on grayscale slices for composite Materials

Dear FLUKA-Community,

could you please enligthen me, whether Fluka, Flair or Simplegeo offer the possibility to perfrom CT-Voxel Simulation based on grayscale slices obtained from and X-Ray microscope? my field of research is composite materials and in-situ testing.

i would like to determine strain fields on microscale starting by transforming the CT-Scans to a 3D-Voxel element.

Thanks in advance and best regards,

Dear @abiaoun

if you have the files in DICOM format, flair is able to convert them to the FLUKA VOXELS format.
If the files are in a different format, then the only way to import them is to write your own voxel writer program.
Please look in the manual