Data processing

Hi! I try to “Process” this file. But there is no any file in Data tab. What there is wrong ?

Dear Sergey,

Please, try to click button. It should load all the scorings automatically from your input.



I did as you say, but there is no result. Here is the .inp file.

20200206_isotope_production_gold(1).inp (1.8 KB)

Dear Sergey,

You requested Unit: 99 ASC for the RESNUCLE scoring, thus the result of each cycle will be written in the *_fort.99 files. Flair hides this scoring, because it can’t process / merge them.

In order to be able to merge results (with Flair or manually), it is recommended to use BIN units for your scoring.


OK! It’s worked. But can you tell please what means “cmc” in sum.lis file ?

Isotopes yield.inp (3.4 KB)

Dear Sergey,

cmc is the abbreviation used for cubic centimeter.


Then do these numbers mean density of yielding isotopes in irradiated gold detector ?

**** Isotope Yield as a function of Mass Number **** **** (nuclei / cmc / pr) ****

A_min: 1 - A_max: 211

A: 198 9.1792813E-05 +/- 1.0486924E+00 %
A: 197 1.0513669E-03 +/- 1.6100650E+00 %
A: 196 9.8925694E-04 +/- 3.8411751E+00 %
A: 195 5.0748923E-03 +/- 7.3360169E-01 %
A: 1 1.1514458E-05 +/- 1.1078211E+01 %

They don’t, since you did not specify the volume in the RESNUCLE card, so a default value of 1 cmc is taken for normalization purposes. This is not really a problem: what you get are therefore the numbers of isotopes (actually of isobars, as in the reported table) generated over the whole target region per impinging photon.
Note also that the type (SDUM) ELECTNUC in PHOTONUC makes no sense, since the code in its present version simulates only photonuclear reactions, and not electronuclear ones yet, which in your problem are anyway negligible.

In my last Run there was generated 10 cycles with 10 primary photons in each. Here I specified the volume. Here are obtained results:

A_min: 1 - A_max: 223

A: 209 5.5761835E-06 +/- 3.2775269E+01 %
A: 208 1.5990599E-04 +/- 3.7025284E+01 %
A: 207 1.8750001E-05 +/- 5.0917508E+01 %
A: 206 9.9875002E-05 +/- 2.6683871E+01 %
A: 1 6.2500003E-06 +/- 9.9000000E+01 %

Is this mean that there are induced for instance 9.9875002E-05 +/- 2.6683871E+01% isotopes with A=206 per one impinging photon ? Here is .inp file:

20200206_isotope_production_gold(1).inp (1.9 KB)

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