DD neutron source

Dear FLUKA users,
A DD neutron source is simulated in my work, where the deuteron is impinging on a heavy water target to produce the neutrons. Firstly, the total neutron yield is calculated and compared with MCNPX simulated results. However, the results show large difference, FLUKA is about three orders of magnitude lower than the MCNPX. The heavy water and the related heavy ion interactions (PHYSICS card) is defined, and also the compiled by the ldpmqmd model to get executable file. Here I attached my input files, any suggestions are warmly welcomed.DD.inp (2.1 KB)

Deuteron nuclear reactions are simply not implemented in FLUKA yet for the low energy of your interest (where the external libraries linked by ldpmqmd are totally irrelevant). So, for the time being, you cannot use FLUKA to your purposes.
The few neutrons you get just come from the electromagnetic dissociation process on oxygen, but you miss the key contribution from the nuclear inelastic process, which is not included in the code.

Thanks so much for response.
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