Decays with custom source: timing?

Dear FLUKA experts,

For my simulations, I currently deploy a custom source file that samples from a phase space file I generate separately. I’m currently scoring residual nuclei in a particular region but am also interested in counting those nuclei that are produced in various decays. The trouble is, I don’t see how it is I’m telling FLUKA how much “real” time has elapsed after one run with one phase space file. Crudely, if I send 5000 primaries (muons), that will correspond to ~2 months where this detector will be located based on the local flux and I’d like to tell FLUKA this somehow. The half-lives I’m concerned with are on the order of minutes, but I’m still unsure how these decays can be accounted for.

Are there any suggestions for how to handle this?

Thank you,


Dear Regan,

it seems to me the Activation mode of the RADDECAY card is what you are looking for. See: