DEDX run abort with source.f

Hello all,
I’m running protons on a spherical distribution surrounding my geometry by using source.f and an external database of events with random coordinates and trajectories. Fluka perform a regular run but abort and exit cleanly (no segmentation fault and core dump). In the log file I find:

Abort called from DEDX reason Exceeded upper dp/dx abscissa. Run stopped!
STOP Exceeded upper dp/dx abscissa.

The error could be related to specific particle trajectory because if I delete from database the event that gives the error, the simulation continue correctly until the next problematic event, and there are no aborts using beam card.
The geometry is built in flair and report no errors. I made use of some block of geometry (one of them is an old project and contain deprecated boxes) imported by include directive, and in the err file there are also a lot of this warnings

  *** Deprecated body! Temporarily tolerated ***
  *** at your own risk: you were warned  !!  ***

Any hint about DEDX error?

Dear Michele,

In all likelihood, the problematic event has an energy which exceeds the value specified in the BEAM card. Even when you are generating events from an external file, this value should be set higher than the highest expected.

For the old BOX bodies the advice would be to replace them with RPP or planes.

Best regards,

Thank you Andrea for your quick reply. It is running correctly now.