Define Card can’t recognize file name from array

Dear FLUKA experts,
Following the issue in link, I updated flair and tried again. When I try to access the file name from the array, the Define card throws error of "UNBALANCED PARENTHESES IN EXPRESSION " , even when I do not have any to begin with. the error occurs when the define card is present, even when it is not activated. please find my attached files below.

Thank you in advance,
Hen Shukrun

Dif5.dat (2.3 MB) recGI16.4.2021.flair (2.9 KB) recGI16.4.2021.inp (2.5 KB)

Sorry, there was a small bug when saving the input and an array was present.
Now it should be ok
Can you please try the updated version

Dear FLUKA experts,
Sadly, the problem is still present after updating Flair, with the same error.
I am using an UBUNTU 20.04 machine, with gfortran version 9.

Thank you in advance,
Hen Shukrun

Can you please try the following projecta.flair (350 Bytes)
When you save it or try to run it should create the a.inp and b.inp where the #defines and OPEN will show the filename

Please note to add an expression in the filename of the OPEN card you need to manually change the field by selecting the Card and pressing Ctrl-E (or from the right-click → popup menu, or from the edit button image
and enter the expression in the Text: field

Dear @vasilis ,
Thank you for your answer.
The file you provided did not produce any issues.
However, when I try to run the same file in “*Default” mode instead of “null” mode,

Thank you in advance,
Hen Shukrun.

This is a problem of the fluka line parsing. Fluka uses the , comma for separating the items in a line. So in the #define it splits it into multiple arguments, despite being inside a parenthesis where it should be treated as a single argument. The same holds when “spaces” are used inside the filenames.

Currently I see two solutions:

  1. modify flair, for the arrays/lists to remove the commas when writing the .inp
  2. correct fluka to make the proper line parsing

For the moment I will implement #1, and I will upload a test version