Defining cylindrical geometry

Dear Fluka Experts. I want to place cylindrical detectors (targets) on a cylindrical beampipe. (Surrounding it sequentially) I tried to do this with the RCC body, but I could not get any results. I would appreciate it if you could direct me to a resource or similar examples on this. Thank you.

Dear @Semina,

Could you please share your attempt so that we have something to start from?

I want to create the geometry in the figure I sent. But first, I want to define a straight long cylindrical pipe and place cylindrical detectors to surround it one by one. I could not find how to proceed with the code I sent. I had difficulty in defining the axes of the cylindrical shapes required to wrap the pipe using Rcc body.

facetnv.flair (1.1 KB)

Dear @Semina,

I had a look at your input. Many fundamental parts are missing and it is pretty clear that you are a novice to Fluka. I strongly advice to start looking at the material from the beginners’ course to learn how to build an input.