Defining multi-layered Imaging Plate as single material for the use of multiple times in geometry

Dear Experts,

I’ve created an imaging plate with a thickness of 431 micrometers, comprising 6 layers made of different materials. I’m looking for a way to simplify its use multiple times. Is there a method to define this imaging plate, composed of 6 layers, as a single material named ‘imaging plate’ so that I can conveniently employ it multiple times in the geometry?

Shubham Agarwal

Dear @talktoshubhama,

If my understanding is correct, you are looking to replicate a specific part of your geometry multiple times. Fortunately, this is the use case of the so-called Lattices in FLUKA. Please have a look at the second half of the following presentation for a quite detailed introduction to this feature:

Further information may be found in the relevant entry of the manual.

Please do not hesitate to come back if you have specific questions.

Kind regards,