Defining of geometry - Fortran format

Dear Fluka experts,

I would appreciate your help with following error in my definition of geometry.

Geometry is defined as follows . . .



During preparation of geometry everything looks alright.

Thank you.

With regards,


Hi @cerovsky,

FLUKA’s preprocessor is a simplified version of the C language pre-processor and allows for conditionals as well as the use of variables. However, the latter is achieved via text substitution and currently does not support the evaluation of expressions. In your case vessel_rot3 is not evaluated to 25.7 but to a string “2*vessel_rot” which the input parser does not understand.

If you want to use expressions and formulas I would suggest to use FLAIR’s implementation which is much more powerful. Check out section 3.6 in FLAIR’s manual.

Just one word of caution: if you use these enhancements of FLAIR then you should stick to editing your input files with FLAIR and refrain from manually editing the text input files of FLUKA. Otherwise this might cause confusion as FLUKA does not directly support the enhancements of FLAIR and therefore, FLAIR needs to evaluate the math expressions and transform them into numerical values before sending them to FLUKA.

Hope that helps

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