Definition of a new compound

I am trying to define the composition of Eurofer 97 in the compund card but I cannot add the name as there is no space for it. It only allows me to select one of the already existing materials.compound|690x65
Lovepreet Singh

Dear Lovepreet Singh,

you need to add a MATERIAL card first, where you can specify the name of the compound.

See slide 7:


Thanks for your reply Sir. Just a last question, can I have the access to this material (I mean also the other slides if there are any) or it is only for the fluka course students?
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Dear Lovepreet,

you can see all previous trainings / courses on FLUKA website: Courses and events | The official CERN FLUKA website

The materials are available on the Timetable page of a training / course. You need to click the paperclip icon at each lessons timeslot.


Thanks for your reply, Sir.
Best regards