Definition of a radioactive source emitting radiation

Hello dear expert. I need your expertise.
I wanted to build a volumetric radioactive source emitting radiation finally to study the doses of radiation to which people close to the extraction source can be exposed. To be clear, I want to study the doses that a population located near a uranium production site can receive depending on their position in relation to the site. Thank you very much
Concrete examples could really help me

Dear Tomfey,

Many thanks for your message. The problem you are addresing is rather general, do you already have a FLUKA input file describing it?
In the meantime, you could start by having a look at Volumetric source of complex geometry, there you can see how to create a volumetric source of a given shape (download both flair file and source file, create an executable including your source file, and use the executable file when running your simulations).

Additionally, in the estimation of the dose delivered to the people surrounding your facility, I imagine you not only have to consider direct radiation exposure but also inhalation and injestion of radionuclides. In this view, you would probably need estimates on the type radionuclides (and corresponding activity) reaching your regions of interest, depending on, for instance, environmental aspects.

I hope this helps,

Thank you very much.
I don’t really have an input file. I tried something but I can’t and I wanted to see if I could have input files of this example or someone has already done a similar works with fluka