DETECT card and detsuw


I am trying to understand the energy spectrum scored by a DAQ when it receives the input from an optical fibre placed near an radioactive source, in this case Cs-137. I am using the DETECT card applied to the optical fibres, I guess this way I am able to get what I am looking for, is this correct?
Cs-137.inp (2.2 KB)

Furthermore, I am not able to plot the _fort.17 file. I know that detsuw takes care of changing the output of DETECT in such a way as to make it formatted but maybe I am missing a step. What is the procedure here?

Thank you in advance.


Dear Duarte,

there are a couple issues with your input file setting up an isotope source:

  1. You need to specify the ISOTOPE particle on the BEAM card
  2. You need to use semi-analogue simulation on the RADDECAY card. (DCYTIMES and IRRPROFI cards are not needed)
  3. Enable the COALESCE on a PHYSICS card
  4. You may also lower the EM production and transport thresholds to the 1 keV range.

See: Cs-137.flair (2.7 KB)

To convert the fort.17 file you can use Flair, and process the results as usual, or run detsuw from the command line. In this case you need to provide the input and output file names to the program.

In both cases a tab.lis file is created, which can be used for plotting.


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Hello, Dávid,

Your advices work just fine.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,