Deuteron beam impinge at the uranium-238

Dear expert. I recently simulated deuteron beam impinge at the uranium-238, in which the following nuclear reaction occurs: D+238U---->238Np+2n.
Then I calculated the yield of neptunium-238 in the uranium target. However, the results given by FLUKA are two orders of magnitude lower than those given by MCNP, PHITS, and Geant4. I don’t know what went wrong and hope the experts can help me. Attached below is my input file.
Thank you very much.
Np.inp (1.3 KB)

Dear user,

Indeed, this is a manifestation of a known issue raised in Bombard 186W with deuterium - #3 by cesc

A solution exists and is currently undergoing testing. It shall be shipped in an upcoming major release of the code, ideally towards the end of the year.

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Thank you for your reply and wish you every success in your work.